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All Stars

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Why All Star Cheer?

Why do Cheer Zone All Stars?

Cheer Zone All Stars is fun, positive, competitive and a great character builder that involves dedication, patience and love of the sport. We are here to help your athlete(s) build these qualities and we take great strides to insure we help them accomplish this through positive encouragement. At Cheer Zone we have a saying that we coach and practice by; "Who says hard work can't be fun?" But make no mistake, we are USASF certified and teach all skills through proper progression and ensure that every athlete is progressing quickly by the safest means possible.

Cheer Zone All Stars is a great place to be able to quickly increase your athlete's talent level while building skills, friends and memories. Cheer Zone All Star teams compete about six or seven times a year around different parts of the midwest. We compete against other all star gyms and are very competitive! While some families choose to participate in fund-raisers, it is not required; but any and everything you make from fund-raising goes directly towards your athlete, not the gym.

If you think Cheer Zone All Stars sounds like the place for you and your athlete, we would be more than happy to talk with you to see if you and your athlete would be good candidates to join the Cheer Zone Family! We look forward to talking with you soon!